Revista de Gestão, Finanças e Contabilidade, Vol. 1, No 1 (2015)

Tamanho da fonte:  Menor  Médio  Maior


Marcos Laffin, Caio Cezar Telles de Castro


pThis goal of this study is to present the levels of importance and knowledge that students of the UFSC Undergraduate Program in Accounting Sciences identify for the exercise of the professional practice. The study was conducted through a survey that used two questionnaires (A and B) structured based on Likert scale. Questionnaire "A" sought to identify the importance of the course content to professional practice, and questionnaire "B" identified the level of perception that the students indicate to have of their ability for the professional practice. The contents of the two instruments were based on the dictionary of competencies developed by Cardoso (2006). Data were analyzed by means of national curriculum guidelines of Accounting Sciences, established by Resolution CNE / CES No 10/2004, which presents some caveats to the limits of the approach by competencies. The students in this study indicate how important it is to have knowledge on the language and orality inherent to the accounting practice, the state to have reasonable knowledge to work in the professional practice. Such data allow us to reflect and rethink the training organization model aimed at increasing more critical formative processes that will prioritize actions and knowledge in the articulation between accounting theory and practice./p