Revista de Gestão, Finanças e Contabilidade, Vol. 4, No 3 (2014)

Tamanho da fonte:  Menor  Médio  Maior


André Aroldo Freitas de Moura, Sylvia Rejane Magalhães Domingos, Augusto Cezar de Aquino Cabral, Sandra Maria dos Santos


pThe study aims to analyze the disclosure of corporate governance practices by the boards of the companies listed in the banking sector of BMamp;FBovespa, according to the recommendations of the Code of IBGC. Additionally, it was investigated the isomorphic posture in relation to companies that also have shares traded in the New York Stock Exchange. This research was conducted in the study of all 28 financial institutions listed in BMamp;FBovespa. This research is descriptive, which adopts the documental analysis and uses the technique of content analysis for data treatment. As for the approach or the nature of the study, the research makes use of qualitative and quantitative methods. It was analyzed 41 corporate governance practices recommended by IBGC. It was established a level of disclosure practices adopted for each company, using the following criteria: were assigned the value 1 (one) for each disclosed practice and assigned 0 (zero) for each practice which was not disclosed or not adopted by the company. The study collected 1148 observations of firms through the recommendations of IBGC. To analyze the results, the corporate governance practices were analyzed in general and segment listing. It was found that the companies have, mostly, low level of disclosure. These companies still have a long way to go to increase transparency and strengthen the capital market to interested users. The isomorphic posture has not been confirmed in this study by the companies of banking sector./p